Human companionship can definitely make a difference (in someone’s life). When there is someone to have a conversation with over a meal or watch a movie with during the afternoon, you feel less alone thus improving your disposition. We hope that by keeping you company, we prevent you from feeling isolated or depressed and ultimately improving your health.

Here are some of the companionship services we offer:

  • Walking outside to promote an active lifestyle
  • Meal preparation
  • Playing games for mental stimulation
  • Reminders for medication in-take
  • Preparing grocery shopping list
  • Maintaining calendar
  • Reminders with medical appointments
  • Discussion of current and historic events to help sharpen memory
  • Outing to promote socialization

Our companionship services are easily within reach for clients who live in Raleigh and the neighboring areas. With flexible schedules, we can provide our services in your home, hospital, or facility.